Liz is a painter, illustrator, graphic designer, and instructor living and working in the Okanagan Valley. Her artwork is high energy with bright and bold color, and she explores ideas of connection, interaction, expression, timelines, and division. Liz graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2012 from UBC Okanagan, and works primarily as a portrait artist and graphic designer.  Liz currently instructs art classes and workshops at the New Arts Collective (NAC), and the Kelowna Art Gallery.


Liz & Dylan Ranney recently founded the New Arts Collective in the downtown core of Kelowna, an art studio dedicated to professional studio space for resident artists, workshops and events.


Some of Liz’s most recent projects include a mural for the Lake Country Art Gallery, a mural for Don’t Look Down Tattoos (Kelowna B.C.), a mural for Canoe Coffee Roasters (Kelowna B.C.), a mural for Ecole George Pringle Elementary, a solo painting exhibition at the Jane Roos Gallery in 2015 (Toronto, ON.), large scale murals all over the Okanagan in collaboration with her husband Dylan Ranney, and artworks commissioned for companies, apps, writers, and musicians.


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